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YPN Member Spotlight

YPN Member Spotlight - Alissa Van Meeteren

YPN Member Alex Jensen

This week, during the YPN Membership Drive, we'll be spotlighting YPN member Alissa Van Meeteren, a Business Development Representative for the Governor's Office of Economic Development.

1 - Why did you join YPN, and how has it helped you?
Last January I set a personal goal of becoming more involved in the Sioux Falls community. I saw YPN as an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, while also making contacts from all types of industry. Since joining YPN, I have made a number of valuable connections, many of whom I would also consider great friends. I've also largely improved my golf game thanks to the YPN Golf League (which in itself made the YPN worth belonging to). YPN definitely makes the growing city of Sioux Falls feel a little smaller.

2 - What are you reading right now?
I'm reading "Not That Kind of Girl" by Lena Dunham (producer and star of the HBO series Girls). She's a really colorful author. I'm not sure I would highly recommend this book, but it's been a quick and entertaining read.

3- Favorite thing to do in Sioux Falls?
Sioux Falls has a beautiful bike trail system which I really like riding when the weather's nice. Otherwise, I love catching shows at the Washington Pavilion or the Orpheum Theater. Both venues are exceptional!

4 - What's the best piece of advice you've gotten?
My Father made a habit of saying "balance" whenever I was visibly stressed or overwhelmed growing up. He did so to encourage me to keep my plate even, as I managed family, school, civic and other obligations. Simple as his advice was, I've strived to make balance somewhat of a personal mantra, as I (now) recognize it as a requirement for success, health and happiness.

5 - How'd you end up working in your current field?
I had an early interest in economic development while I was a student at USD (go Yotes!). I was fortunate to have a mentor in the industry, who connected me with the Governor's Office of Economic Development when a job opened up. Like it happens for a lot of us, timing and the right connections were everything.