Action Teams

When you're ready to take your YPN involvement a step further, check out our Action Teams. Action Team members are volunteers who focus on key areas of YPN programming. It's a chance to influence the direction of YPN and grow some of your skills in collaboration, facilitation and project management.

Action Teams are open for any YPN member to join at any time. You can even choose to attend one meeting to 'try it out' before deciding which team you'd like to join.


Party planners and extroverts, this team is for you! The Social Action Team plans all of the YPN networking and fun social events such as Off the Clock, Morning Buzz, Power Lunch, and many others.

Personal & Professional Development

This action team plans tours of new projects in town, lines up phenomenal speakers and generally guides the educational elements of YPN. If you enjoy brainstorming events that help young professionals develop both personally and professionally then this is the team for you.


Think of our Membership Action Team as the official hosts for YPN. This group looks for ways to further engage our already engaged membership. They plan our new member events and personally welcome new members to the organization.

Civic Engagement

The Civic Engagement Action Team looks for ways to educate YPN members about current issues in our community and encourage civic participation among young professionals.

Become a YPN member

Connect with career-focused young professionals and sharpen your professional skills when you join YPN.